Ny medlemmer er velkommen!

Boksing utstyr


Vi har 4 boksersekker for barn.

Bokser hansker

Vi har 12 par boksehansker for barn.

Munn Beskyttere

Alle barna må ha munnen beskyttelse når de er i en boksing kamp.

Focus Pads

Focus Pads are good for punching accurately. We have 6 pairs at the club

Floor to Celing Bags

These are great for co-ordination.
We have 3 of these at the club


Speedballs are great for punching speed and co-ordination.
We will be using this very soon.

Reflex bag

Similar to the floor to ceiling it is great for improving skills.
We have one of these at the club.


Shadow boxing is important for learning technique correctly.
There are many mirrors at the club to practise.

Head Guards

All kids must wear head guards when sparing.
We have 4 kids sized head guards.

Skipping Ropes

Skipping is great for fitness and hand feet co-ordination.
We have many skipping ropes at the club

Tveit Bokseklubb Kristiansand Norge.